Check out our videos for some inspiration to get out and ride!

This rides takes us to an incredible event known as CicLAvia which originated and continues in Bogota, Colombia. Fortunately, the idea is spreading through the US as well.

This donut ride traverses the beautiful Griffith Park on the way to the glorious destination of California Donuts. Being open 24 hours, California Donuts must be one of the most reliable places to find a great donut!

This donut ride brings us to Trejo's Donuts. Trejo's can probably be seen from outer space due to the bright pink color of the building. Inside that bright building are some even brighter tasting donuts!

Donut Ride is a collection of bike rides to some of Los Angeles' countless donut shops. This Donut Ride brings us to Pico Donuts. Pico Donuts provides an incredible selection of delicious donuts for a great price (only $1) with super friendly service!

A picture perfect weekend cycling along one of the greatest stretches of coast, Big Sur, California on June 2nd & 3rd, 2018.

Cycling from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada to Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico in 24 days including one rest day. Although far from capturing the true essence of my tour, the video I made does provide a glimpse of some of the beautiful scenery of this stunning coastline.