Why this site and who I am

You may be asking yourself, "What's the deal with the water and bicycle themed website?". The answer to that question is simple at its core. Blue Water Bicycles is the creative result of a combination of two things which I am most passionate: riding bikes and enjoying our planet's abundant and beautiful water resources. I decided to combine these two passions into one and create this website in support of both. This website is a continual work in progress, and I am happy to consider all feedback, ideas, and partners to further advance this ongoing project. 

You may also be asking yourself, "Who would create such a website?". Another excellent question :) My name is Steven and I love cycling and enjoying anything that has to do with water. These are both things for which I have a never ending passion to enjoy and spread the same joy to as many other people as possible. This is why I made the choice to donate a large portion (if not all) profits made from this website in support of my passions and the mission of this site. Personally, I love road cycling and beach cruising but have equal respect for my mountain biking friends and other friends on their self powered vehicles. You can also find me enjoying the nearest beach, river, or lake across the globe in any way possible. 

Your visit to my site is greatly appreciated, and I hope you enjoy!

Steven Dillavou