Ride a bike and live a healthier life

We already love cycling and really need no further reason to indulge in one of our favorite activities and modes of clean transportation. But alas, there are many more reasons to support the utilization of these self powered vehicles. 

Most of us are well aware there are countless benefits of cycling. There are far too many to cover in a short blog post. So we'll simply begin to scratch the surface with this post and further expand in future posts to come!

Two of the most obvious positive impacts of riding bicycles include the effect on the environment and improved physical health. One may consider the benefits of cycling grouped with many other forms of physical activity and surmise that it is equal to any of a number of other forms of exercise. However, this would not be entirely true. There are some ways which cycling specifically is beneficial to your health. 

Consider the short article in this link: http://www.health.harvard.edu/staying-healthy/the-top-5-benefits-of-cycling

The article mentions the effects of cycling being a low impact activity which is beneficial for your joints reducing damage from repetitive impactful stress on the joints.  It also refers to the "aerobic workout" and building muscle. These are all true, but on a deeper level there are far more wide reaching effects on the human body which take place through this type of training. For example there are positive cognitive, psychological, cardiovascular, and social outcomes which can be a result of training in this manner. In future blog posts we will work to expand upon these areas and others in greater detail for those who are interested in some more scientifically proven ways to support your love of riding bikes :)