Summer has arrived!

With today's summer solstice marks the first day of our favorite season (at least in the Northern Hemisphere)! This also means that today held the longest amount of daylight of any day in the calendar year. Hopefully, this allowed for some additional time on your favorite self powered vehicle or enjoying a nearby beach or waterway! Naturally, these are our preferred methods of starting off the summer on the right path to continue throughout the season and well into the fall. 

The summer solstice is celebrated worldwide. There even exists an annual celebration in Seattle named the Fremont Solstice Parade and Fremont Festival which includes the Solstice Cyclists Ride. This ride is primarily comprised of bicyclists sporting little more than body paint riding the parade route prior to the official parade! Check out the Seattle Times article about the event here

We hope you enjoy this summer! Please remember to stay safe wherever your plans take you. We'll have more on cycling and water safety in upcoming blog posts :)

Steven Dillavou