Most of our blog posts thus far have been very focused on biking and some of the health benefits of riding a bike for fun, exercise, or transportation. These posts have shed some light on this aspect of the overall mission of this site which is to promote riding bicycles in order to live a healthier life while sustaining what remains of our beaches and waterways. In further support of our mission this post is an introduction as to why it is so important to us to continue working to sustain our beaches and waterways. Furthermore, upcoming posts will discuss details related to the large positive impact cycling has and will continue to have in the future on sustaining our environment. 

Simply put, life as we know it could not exist without water. Some of the most important things to us all depend vitally on water. This includes what we eat and what we wear for example. Also highly dependent upon the health of our water is how many of us enjoy spending our free time. We at Blue Water Bicycles really enjoy being near the water and partaking in nearly any activity in or near the water. This includes the oceans, lakes, and other waterways such as rivers and streams. However, even if you don't particularly enjoy recreation at any of these locales the health of our oceans, beaches, and waterways can still have a great impact on your everyday life and the lives of all for generations to come. Keep an eye out for future posts as we go further into depth as to why it is so important for us all to increase our efforts to help sustain our oceans, beaches, and waterways and how biking is one of many ways which can help to work toward this common mission.