Donut Ride - Trejo's Donuts

We all have a weakness or two. I'm no different! I'll be the first to admit of more than my fair share of weaknesses. These weaknesses vary widely from one person to the next. For me, it is the craving for a sweet and perfectly glazed donut that seems to frequently call my name. Fortunately, cycling brings the benefit of expending a high number of calories, and it's nice to have a little reward for all your strenuous effort pedaling yourself around. So every once in a while, a tasty donut is that perfect little reward. This is, of course, in addition to the sense of accomplishment and contribution to sustaining our delicate environment by cycling instead of driving. 

Enter this blog post and video. This is a series of blog posts and videos chronicling short bike rides to some of Los Angeles' seemingly countless donut shops! With so many donut shops in the Los Angeles area, it is no surprise it has been name the unofficial donut capital of the world. However, the special part is not solely the sheer quantity of donut shops. What is really unique is that most of these donut shops are independently or family run businesses. As if you needed another reason to set out for your next bike ride! So take a look. Then air up those tires for a ride to one of these shops or your own local favorite for a rewarding snack after all your efforts. 


The bright pink building on the busy corner of Highland Avenue and Santa Monica Boulevard stands out like a lighthouse on a dark night leading a lost sailor to shore. Owned by actor Danny Trejo, the bright pink building of Trejo’s donuts could almost be considered as prolific in the donut world as the actor’s career in film.

Upon entering, one is immediately greeted by the friendly staff and the decadent aroma of fresh sweet donuts. The donuts are not to be overlooked. All the flash of the flamboyant building still doesn’t outshine the flavorful and carefully prepared donuts. With these tasty treats taking on names such as the Lowrider, Nacho, or Machete, each one’s flavor and presentation takes on character akin to some of Trejo’s previous roles. Try what you wish and surely, you won’t be disappointed. If you’d like to check out the menu before embarking on the ride there, check out the menu in the link here.

Enjoy the ride! And enjoy the reward!